Saturday, November 24, 2012


I received my copy of RATIONAL PREPAREDNESS one week ago from

Written by 

Jane  has been a friend of mine, and my readers, for a long time. 

Her book was recently published as she awaits her second book - her memories of her young son who passed away too young, and too soon - to hit the press.

This woman will take your breath away by her very will to succeed through some of life's blows that would leave a weaker (ie: normal) person huddled in a corner for life.   

I was surprised when I started reading her 81 page book.  I had wrongly assumed it would be one of those Armageddon prep books, detailing how to build an underground bunker and gather enough supplies for ten years.  (Not counting goats, chickens and 30 assault rifles) 

Instead, she calmed my fears and talked RATIONALLY.  Get it?  RATIONAL preparedness.

Not once did she mention anything I can't do.  She listed a few things I wouldn't WANT to do, or NEED to do: such as a better way to get my well water to the surface if the electricity goes out.

She lists areas of the country, and what you could need, might need, probably would need, if worse came to worse.

If you're thinking the day is going just fine and god is in heaven overseeing your safety, just think back to the many areas of the US you are relieved NOT to have been living in lately.  

Consider the upcoming ban on certain weapons, the possible ban on purchasing ammo, the rising cost of food.  Plain and simple.

The world is tilted, the pendulum has swung farther than any of us (especially our forefathers) expected and it will swing farther before it finds a balance.

Our charge card experienced some fraudulent activity while we were shopping last week, and it was locked down.  So that the thief couldn't use it, we couldn't use it either.

Imagine if that happened to you due to a computer glitch - or a bunch of immense glitches .... imagine going to the store and the shelves were emptied during the night.  No charge card.  Money can't buy what isn't there, and you have to go home to. . . . what. . . no electricity?  Rioting in the streets?  

Now that I feel better about my feeble attempts to prep, the following instructions on what I HAVE done might give you a more manageable grip on RATIONAL PREPAREDNESS by Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel


While trying to convince Stud that we're sadly lacking in all areas of self-sufficiency, I've been hauling in bottled water.  It's hard to rotate stock as in:  replace what you use, and make sure the oldest date is to the front.

I don't want just enough water stored for a week.  I want endless water without an expiration date.


Fill a tub?  Buy extra and hide it from Stud in our basement?  Don't have one.  Garage?  It gets pretty damn hot in that garage, and water is in PLASTIC containers and. . .

Then I looked outside and saw. . . .

Hmmmm.  There's chemicals in there...... but I'm sure they'd be okay to drink.... but what if.....

See?  It's the "what ifs" that paralyze us.

I did some investigating where water filters are concerned and discovered the BERKEY water filter system!!!

This system was recommended by Jane and several other preppers I talk with regularly.  

The gallon of water on the left would last a day.  The BERKEY will supply us with 3,000 gallons of pure water !!  It also included a BERKEY water bottle that also purifies water on the go.

I ordered the small one, because it produces pure water at the rate of one gallon per hour.  For two people and one dog, that is plenty.

It removes    viruses, pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites entirely and extracts harmful chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, organic solvents, radon 222 and trihalomethanes.  It also reduces unhealthy heavy metals such as lead and mercury.  This system is so powerful it can remove red food coloring from water without removing the beneficial minerals your body needs. Virtually no other system can duplicate this performance.   

It can also be used creekside if an evacuation is in order.

Needless to say, but I will:  I wanted my own demonstration.  

I asked Stud to go outside and make some mud.  Do you know that sand does not make mud?  Nor does it hold water very well.  So I ended up using some potting soil from a houseplant.

That looks pretty "creekside" to me.  urg ick bleck

But that BERKEY does what it says it will do.  And it didn't smell!!!

I also didn't taste it.  
Hey, screw you!!!  And don't sneer.  

I'll save that moment for when I have no choice but to chug it down. 

But having a small pool that holds 3,000 gallons of  water, and a BERKEY that filters 3,000 gallons, does not sound coincidental to me.


I've been doing the  "If you're going to buy two cans for use, buy FOUR cans and store two of them" for a while.

We have Spam, canned chicken, tuna, ham. . .

I've also got TANG and various Koolaid to ease the boredom of water....

And we have canned veggies. . . 

But I also started thinking of what I do on a daily basis and how I could implement it for FOOD PREPPING.

Enter, the FOOD SAVER.  This is a demonstration of what I have been doing for 20 years!!

(this particular segment on raw meat would not work for prepping without electricity, but this is how it functions)

When I hit a twoferone sale, I buy four.

This is how I store the fresh meat.

I obscenely poke a hole in the plastic so that ALL the oxygen will be removed.

Then I place it inside the FOOD SAVER bag and start sucking the air out.

You can now kill anyone by hitting them with a roast.
 Because after the air has been removed, it becomes a solid weapon.

I also place plates of fully cooked meals into the freezer.  The minute it becomes frozen, I'll do the "suck out the oxygen" trick, return the sealed meal to the freezer and SIX MONTHS LATER, nuke it and it's as fresh as day one.

(You MUST allow it to freeze beforehand or the sucking action will remove all moisture from the cooked food)

When I used to work outside the home, I'd cook several different types of meat ahead of time, quick freeze and seal them.  
Roast and gravy anyone?  
Chicken and dumplings?
Months later?
Within MINUTES in the microwave? Yes!

SO, how can this apply to prepping?


This has a shelf life of one year....unopened.

What about now?

 THE TRICK is to prepare individual amounts ahead of time!!

Suck out the air and it becomes completely flat and easily stacked.
Expiration date?    Fo-evah!

On those long nights without electricity and television, 
you can entertain yourself by balancing your breakfast 
(which is now hard as a board)

On a more practical level, I do this to the INSTANT BREAKFAST oatmeal.   I pop the little pre-sealed bag into a small FOOD SEALER bag, such the air out, and viola!  A breakfast for one that can be made using water from the BERKEY.

I also go the extra mile and seal store-bought jerky.
Yes, the store-bought jerky is already in an air sealed bag, but I want it in individual portions.

You can also air seal marshmallows.  
They become flat as a fritter, but when you break the seal, 
air rushes IN and re-puffs the marshmallows!


There is already a list of weapons due to be labelled "illegal" to purchase or own.  When it will be announced is up for debate, but the list has already been leaked.  

It's mostly assault weapons, and since those are already on the street,  the rest of us need to do what we can, WHILE we can.

Then there's the problem with ammunition. 

Our access to ammunition can be quickly eliminated.  
Rumor has it that Walmart will soon 
stop selling arms or ammunition.
They do not care to be looted for these items.

While purchasing 9mm and .357 shells, Walmart's shelves were nearly bare and I had to pay a higher rate at a gun store.

Other than these suggestions, you have to look to higher authorities regarding rational preparedness, and Jane's book is the perfect place to start.


  1. Very interesting. I bet you'll be surviving an attack or disaster much longer than me. Great knowledge here.

    1. Nah. I'll go down in the first flame thrower versus 9mm. But it's the thought that counts and if you think there's great knowledge here, THEN THERE IS!! thank you!

    2. I wonder how many folks will read this and think that they need to do this and then do nothing? Sorry for them that they can't see what may be coming....hurricane, tornado, civil unrest, dollar collapse .....

    3. Amen, Deb.
      And the amazing thing to me is, what if nothing happens?
      Then you simply eat the stuff you prepared.
      Nothing lost.
      So why not prepare?

    4. Deb, the main thing is that when you read about Armageddon-type of preppers, you realize they've gone to the dark side, and it's nothing the average person will do. Baby steps are accomplished one at a time and without panic. Common sense will only go so far, but that's at least something we can DO.

      GREYBEARD, it means a lot to me that you've left a comment. You're one of my heroes.

    5. Thank you Dana.
      It would please me to think you further thanked me by giving that hubby a big hug.
      He's a brother. You're both family.

  2. Lotta Joy, Thanks for your excellent understanding and your application and extension of this book. You get it !! Thanks also for bringing it, and the Berkey, and the Food Saver to everyone's attention. You are not only an incredible artist, a really gifted humorist, but one sharp cookie over all. With continued access to your blog, we will all WANT to survive life's disasters and setbacks, and this is half the battle !
    Love to you and yours !

    1. Instructions always confuse me, so I was relieved at your down-to-earth advice. It was a breath of sanity in an insane world.

  3. Lotta Joy - I have to thank you for coming up with my Christmas wish list. I was asked by my hubby what I would like and had no idea. I was even more surprised to hear him ask as we generally don't get each other stuff. I buy what I need when I want to and he does the same. I just don't like all the Christmas commercialism - it's just gone all haywire.

    The neighbors singing blow - up Santa perched on his rooftop, is all ready for me to take aim and deflate. It's still November for crying out loud, and I have to hear " Jingle Bells " already !

    Anyways, thanks for the nifty ideas which he'll have to get me now that he asked.

    Have a great Sunday !

    1. I bought the smallest BERKEY for two reasons: I'm not a big water drinker and I'm scared of the plastic type of containers for the long haul.

      Plus I'm cheap. But I realized we don't need one that produces gallons of water at a time, so this is PERFECT and is quickly portable.

      The FOOD SAVER has been in my possession, and used regularly for 20 years. It was only a matter of time before my slow brain realized it's more reliable for food storage than depending on the shelf-life of large containers of food AFTER they've been opened. That's wasted food.

  4. About the only thing we've ever done much preparing for, is hurricanes. Ike showed us you can't overdo it!

    1. The most important thing about the FOOD SAVER is, everything is instantly waterproof.

  5. Very good advice. And I too, love our FOOD SAVER. Still have to get the Berkey.

    1. Who would have thought that the FOOD SAVER would have more applications than what we first purchased it for? The Berkey is the highest form of common sense.

  6. All the food and water doesn't prepare you for neighbors, family and friends that go bat shit when things are bad. That's a mental exercise that is only performed during actual emergencies, which are terrible times to find out your survival may demand things that you were taught to never do.

    I think that's where the survival stuff hits a roadblock with me. I'd rather just grab a machete and go out with a blaze of glory hacking zombies, or communists.

    1. You're right Jess. It's an exercise we don't want to face, so we deny.
      But when your children are dying of thirst or starving, you'll do some horrible things to save them, if necessary.
      Go here and view part one of three, then watch 'em all.
      Truth is horrible.
      But denial will get ya killed.

    2. Jess, prepping can only go so far, then we too will become the hungry ones on the street unless it is a problem the GOVERNMENT will handle.....heh.....assuming the GOVERNMENT isn't the enemy by that time.

      You just do what you can and keep your mouth shut regarding what you are trying to accomplish in your own home.

  7. we have been prepping for years and have 2 big berkeys and then jambaloney made our own with 2 five gallon buckets and using 3 filters - we make 18 litres at a time. but our most important prepping step was to take the plunge and move to the middle of nowhere, make good friends with our small fishing community, and grow as much of our own food as possible. we don't want to worry about trying to get out of dodge if It Happens!!!

    i loved reading Jane's book - as soon as it was out i got the e-book in order to read it right away....i'm still waiting for my hardcopies! but i loved reading her book...i love reading her blog. her approach has always been calming and practical and for people new to prepping - i highly recommend her book. i also recommend it to serious preppers and survivalists - you can never be too prepped and Jane's book highlighted some areas that we were lacking.

    this was a great write-up and review of Jane's book lotta! good job!

    your friend,

    1. I'm personally doing baby steps because I fear racial madness. In the event of things beyond our control (bombs, etc) I don't feel that any of our prepping will suffice.

      Then there's the "radiation plant" that Stud, in his wisdom, plopped us down next to.

    2. bahahahahahahah! oh honey - you have our address - get yer butts out of there and up here at the first sign of IT hitting the fan k?

  8. Okay... are you me?
    We haven't got the food saver. Yet. Berkey? Oh you betcha.
    My husband buys extra ammo ever time he goes to walmart. Because someday we won't be able to.

    1. Yes. I am you. How do you like your Witless Relocation blog? I loved your article concerning rational preparedness. LOL

      And that is what I keep hammering on: there will come a time when the ammo shelves are wiped clean either due to riots or the Prez in his attempt to get rid of whitey.

      Hey, the man just makes me jumpy. Sorry for saying that.

  9. It seems that the great minds who read your blog, Lotta Joy, think alike !

    1. I love 'em!! Somehow we have a great group gathered here.

  10. Wow, a rational posting. And such preparation for whatever and a food saver to boot. That's a wrap then. Oh, my friends on your favourite social 'notworking' site, 'Farcebook', want to swim in your pool....

    1. Well, first I'll have to read the BERKEY manual and see if it purifies urine. Those feople on farcebook are a weird bunch.

  11. My wife has started watching a TV show about Preppers - some of them are less than rational, but it is amazing to see what they have (eg converted nuclear bunkers) and what their fear is.

    This all sounds rather more sensible and practical. I will point it out to my wife!

    1. Television reality shows always put the most odd people they can find on their shows. Kind of like Hillbilly Hand Fishing.

      THOSE preppers have mental problems. There's always a rotund 500 pound set of parents running through the back yard armed and in camouflage with young children following, scared witless.

      There's only so much you can do given each person's scenario and fears. In case of radiation from our neighborhood energy plant? Buh bye. And I doubt I would be prepared for a huge catastrophe, but what I do makes me feel better in the NOW, and that also means a lot.

    2. Yes, we have noticed that a lot of them are way over weight - we have assumed that it is part of their strategy.

    3. Rock Chef, it is a new form of prepping called the Bug out Bulge. That way they have far more than the typical 72 hour kit ready to go.... Heh!

      OK, before the rest pile on to me for making fat jokes..... I am about a 100 pounds over weight myself. I am making fun of myself as well.

    4. Matt, I think a lot of us would say we're overweight, but the rotund poundage on so many of the Doomsday Preppers makes me think more of the Donner Party than cans of fruit cocktail on the shelves.

    5. Fat preppers are harder to kidnap. Ok, I'm with Matt. Don't kick me.

  12. Very nice job on this post.

    And you're correct. Most of those folk's on the prepper shows had "no vacancy" signs in their eyes a long time ago.

    1. And THEY give the rest of us the title of NUT JOBS, but that's how it goes. Only the ones with a screw loose get their own reality show. lol

  13. First time commenter on your blog, lotta (may I call you lotta?). I came from Snowbrush's place.

    I think I detect a fly in your ointment in the FOOD section. If you have no electricity, how are you going to freeze or nuke anything? I'm just saying. Maybe one of the things a person needs to get first is a generator. I haven't even taken that step yet. I'm all for rational preparedness, it's just that I need to get off my fat behind and DO something. But then I'm 71 already. Maybe I'll be dead before Doomsday arrives.

    1. That WOULD be a fly in the ointment except I explained that is how I use my FOOD SAVE NOW. Then I showed that it can be used to seal individual packets of food that would be prepared by using water from the BERKEY.

      Those of us in your age group assume we WILL be gone before something happens, but if we're still here, a little light breakfast before we go would be nice.

    2. I agree with having a generator handy. However fuel will not last forever. Anything that can be mixed with water and can be heated on a fire will be welcome here. I have a dehydrator and dry vegetables from the garden. I make a rice soup by vacuum packing rice, dried veggies, and beef or chicken granules. My lab rats love it.


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